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Welcome to MM-Disinfection mats™

Where a modern hygiene station with mechanical shoe sole disinfection is too complex in effort and investment, MM-Disinfection mats™ provide users a professionel solution for a hygienic entry to sensitive areas – simple in handling and without any constructional procedures.

The MM-Disinfection mat™ is handmade of nonskid and low-maintanence  polypropylene and absorbs the disintectant in a very short time. It incloses the liquid and dispenses it only in case of need – namely while entering the mat.

Flexible and cost-efficient

Beside rules for clothing and behavior a holistic hygiene concept should also include the protection of the floor. MM-Disinfection mats™ provide a competitive and reliable solution to prevent the transmission of germs.

  • Canteen kitchens, communal catering
  • Food production establishments
  • Biotechnical and pharmaceutical productions
  • Hospitals and laboratries
  • Quarantine and isolation stations
  • Swimming pools and sauna centres
  • Horticulture and agricultural enterprises

MM-Disinfection mats™ are available in 6 standard sizes:

60 x 90 cm 90 x 180 cm
90 x 120 cm 90 x 240 cm
90 x 150 cm 90 x 300 cm

Of course we can also supply custom sizes with max. 2 meter width and 5 meter length. Just let us know which size you need! On demand individual embroidered with logo or instructions for employees and visitors.

All advantages in overview

  • The MM-Disinfection mat™ is mobil and flexible in use because it doesn’t need a pan or frame.
  • Manifold possibilities of use because of the low height of 10 mm* only
  • The MM-Disinfection mat™ is low in costs and easy in use and cleaning
  • Depending on the version the mat is fit for traffic with trolleys or lift trucks and pallet transporter
  • Slip resistent surface R11 corresponding to DIN 51130:2014
  • The non-skid backing keeps the mat in place and prevents it from slipping
  • The high quality construction of 5 components incloses the liquid and dispenses only while entering the mat.
  • MM-Disinfection mats™ absorb and hold liquid which will be used up by usage and evaporation. Refill is necessary as soon as there is no liquid visible while entering the mat. We suggest a regular contact spotting.
  • MM-Disinfection mats™ are efficient in usage and effective in cleaning. The best way to clean is to rinse the standing mat with water and a mild germicidal disinfectant with a high pressure cleaning device. Please look out for low compression and according distance. Then let the mat airdry. It will be useable again within 24 / 72 hours. In the meantime an exchange mat should be placed.
  • For an optimal passing with lift trucks and pallet transporter we suggest the even stronger version KAROSTEPP.

    * measured at the rim of the mat, 15 mm height in the middle of a filled mat


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